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Understanding the Bible Sunday School


April 21, 2024   Time: 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Contact: Wilbert Lewis
Phone: 803
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Just a reminder, our Zoom and In-person Sunday School class is scheduled for Sunday, April 21, 2024 at, 9:00 AM.  The In-person class will meet in the Conference Room and we will Zoom from the same location.  

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Deacon Lewis
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  Saint John Baptist Church – Sunday School

Free to be Heirs of God

Lesson 4     Galatians 3:26—4:11

March 17 & April 7, 2024


Objectives:  To: (1) understand our status as children of God; and (2) feel comforted as we relate to God as our loving heavenly Father.


  1. Clothed with Christ (3:26-29) All those who believe in Christ are children of God, closely identified with Christ, the divine Son of God. Regardless of human differences, all believers are spiritual descendants of Abraham and recipients of the blessing promised him.


Ask Yourself … Are there groups of believers with whom I’d just as soon not be united in Christ?  If so, why?


What makes the image of clothing oneself with Christ appropriate for describing salvation?



  1. Children, Not Slaves (4:1-7) Paul compared those under the “elemental spiritual forces of the world” to a young heir controlled by adults according to his deceased father’s dictates. But now that Christ has come, superseding the “elemental spiritual forces,” believing people are like an heir freed from the control of others and granted his full rights and privileges as a son.


Why did Paul highlight the Holy Spirit as one of the chief blessings of redemption?



  1. Turning Back to Former Ways (4:8-11) Before becoming believers, the Galatians had been spiritually enslaved to false gods. Paul wondered why now, after coming to freedom in Christ, they seemed to want to be enslaved again—this time to the law.  He feared that his work was wasted on them.


What are some of the “gods” that people in our culture worship or are enslaved to?


Have you known a person who returned—partially at least—to his or her previous lifestyle after an apparent conversion?  Describe the situation.


Why does this happen?


Ask Yourself … What did I worship before coming to Christ?