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Understanding the Bible Sunday School


February 19, 2023   Time: 12:00 AM
Contact: Wilbert Lewis
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Saint John Baptist Church – Sunday School

Nehemiah Begins to Build

Lesson #5      Nehemiah 1--3

February 19, 2023                                                                   

Objectives:  To: (1) learn how Nehemiah arranged a transfer to Jerusalem; (2) find out how Nehemiah inspected the city and inspired the people to rebuild it; and (3) acknowledge our need to clear from our lives whatever hinders our spiritual progress.                              

  1. Nehemiah Prays for Jerusalem (1:1-11) In the 20th year of Artaxerxes’ reign, one of Nehemiah’s brothers journeyed to Persia to visit Nehemiah in the imperial palace. His report of Jerusalem’s broken walls distressed Nehemiah.  He mourned, prayed, confessed Israel’s sins and asked for God’s help.

Ask Yourself … What sorts of things tend to hinder my spiritual growth?

  1. Nehemiah Prepares for Jerusalem (2:1-10) After a brief word about the desolate state of his ancestral city, Nehemiah asked the ruler of Persia for permission to go to Jerusalem. The king granted the request and arranged for Nehemiah’s safe travel to Jerusalem and for materials for the anticipated building project.  The king’s favor greatly perturbed the adversaries of the Jews in Judah.

How did Nehemiah explain the king’s generosity?

What might you expect to see when God’s hand is upon a believer today?

in his family relationships?

in her workplace?

What prerequisites, if any, must be met before God’s hand rests on a believer?

  1. Nehemiah Motivates Jerusalem (2:11-20) Nehemiah took a few associates on a nighttime inspection tour of the walls. Later, Nehemiah gathered everyone together, told them how indefensible the city was, and related God’s intervention with Artaxerxes.  His account was greeted with a united decision to start rebuilding.  Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem mocked this decision, but Nehemiah was certain that God would grant the builders success.

In what sense does the presence of opposition to our work for God tell us that we’re on the right track?

Attached is the digital Winter 2022-23 Study Book for the Understanding the Bible Sunday School Class.  We will conclude our study of the Book of Colossians on Sunday, January 8th and begin our study of the Book of Ezra, Lesson #1, on Sunday, January 15th.  

Click here for the digital version of the book:  Understanding the Bible Sunday School Book
Deacon Wilbert Lewis

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