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Understanding the Bible Sunday School


September 10, 2023 - September 03, 2023   Time: 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Contact: Wilbert Lewis
Phone: 803
Email: [email protected]


Just a reminder, our Zoom and In-person Sunday School class is scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, September 10th, 9:00 AM.  The In-person class will meet in the Conference Room and we will Zoom from the same location. 
The discussion outline is attached.                
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Deacon Lewis
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Saint John Baptist Church – Sunday School

Jesus Responds to Human Needs

Lesson #2 Mark 1:35 – 3:6

September 10th 2023:

 Objectives:  To (1) notice how Jesus responded to human needs; and (2) feel compassion for needy in our day.

 Jesus Prays and Heals (1:35-45): Jesus knew the value of renewing His vitality.  Here we see He cut short His sleep time to pray in solitude.  Later Jesus removed leprosy from a man by touching him.  News of this miracle aroused such excitement that Jesus found it difficult to continue ministering in the area.

  • Am I more like the disciples, who sought the action at the expense of prayer, or like Jesus, who was committed to prayer no matter what?
  • What risks do we sometimes face when we reach out to a need person?
  • What kinds of people do I tend to avoid? How can I overcome my reluctance to be with them?


  1. Jesus Forgives Sins (2:1-12): When some determined men brought a paralyzed friend of theirs to Jesus, He surprised everyone present by first pronouncing the man’s sins forgiven.  Then Jesus healed the man, proving His authority to forgive sins.


  • Ask Yourself – Who among my acquaintances has a need I can meet?


  1. Jesus Calls Levi (2:13-17): Jesus called Levi (Matthew), a tax collector, to become one of His disciples.  Then Jesus scandalized some Pharisees by eating with this new follower and others the Pharisees disapproved of.

 Ask Yourself – Am I willing to risk my reputation by associating with outcasts who need Jesus?

 Jesus is Asked About Fasting (2:18-22): In response to a question, Jesus explained that it would be inappropriate for His followers to fast while He was with them physically. 

  1. Then Jesus used two parables to show that the new way of life He taught could not fit within the Jewish religion of His day.
  • Which rituals, traditions, or forms have I found distracting? Which have I found helpful in my walk with Jesus?

 Two Sabbath Conflicts (2:23-3:6) One Sabbath Jesus’ disciples were accused of violating a religious law by picking grain. In defending them, Jesus used an Old Testament example to show that human well-being is more important than man-made interpretations of the law.  On another Sabbath, Jesus Himself broke a regulation by healing a man.  But beforehand He declared that it is always right to do good on the Sabbath.

  • Are there any human laws that tend to keep me from meeting people’s needs?
  • What are some modern scenarios in which a Christian would have to choose between obeying God or obeying man?