Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Bible.
This quiz randomly chooses multiple choice questions from a pool of quiz questions. There is only one correct answer for each question. Your score, the correct answers and scripture references are given at the end of the quiz.
1.) Which of Naomi’s daughters-in-law returned to her family after the death of her husband?
        a. Ruth
        b. Orpah
        c. Mary
        d. Esther
2.) How many times does Jesus tell us to forgive our brother who sins against us?
        a. Seven times
        b. Seventy times seven
        c. Only once
        d. An unlimited amount
3.) Which two men were famous for their dream interpretation?
        a. Joseph and Hosea
        b. Daniel and Joseph
        c. Samuel and Solomon
        d. Moses and Samuel
4.) Who was the apostle Peter’s brother?
        a. Andrew
        b. Simon
        c. Paul
        d. James
5.) Who was Moses’ assistant?
        a. Joshua
        b. Aaron
        c. Miriam
        d. Jethro
6.) Which of the following is NOT one of Noah’s sons?
        a. Japheth
        b. Lamech
        c. Shem
        d. Ham
7.) What sign did Judas use to betray Jesus to the religious leaders?
        a. He marked Jesus with ash
        b. He told them Jesus would be wearing white
        c. He gave Jesus a kiss
        d. He lit a bonfire in the Garden of Gethsemane
8.) How does Paul end many of his letters?
        a. I pray for you continually
        b. I write this letter with my own hand
        c. To the only wise God, be glory forevermore
        d. Grace be with you
9.) Which woman betrayed the strongest man in the Bible?
        a. Deborah
        b. Delilah
        c. Miriam
        d. Salome
10.) In what village did Jesus turn water into wine?
        a. Jerusalem
        b. Cana
        c. Capernaum
        d. Bethany